How You Benefit

We know caring for your property can be a confusing, time-consuming and complicated process for many homeowners.  Let our experts take the guesswork out of it so you can simply enjoy your property. Service scheduling, product calibration and timing will all be handled by us.  Our SmartLawn Program was created to address all of your turf's basic needs. We also monitor your property at every visit.  If a specialy issue appears, we will communicate with you in real time and work with you on a solution. You will also receive an email from your personal lawn consultant after each visit with customized feedback as well as a hard copy description on the invoice at your door.  

SmartLawn will act as the point person for your home.  Each visit we will grade the overall property and offer feedback as needed. You will be instructed when and how much to water. You will be educated on mowing practices such as lawn height and mowing frequency or if you have a mowing service, we can coordinate your mowing day within our scheduling technology. We will also give you recommendations on your tree and shrub maintenance and pest control for mosquitoes and flea and ticks. When the Fall comes we will let you know if you need some turf-rehab aeration and seeding. For your convenience, you can prepay or set up budget friendly payments and we will automatically bill your credit card. You need not contact us for anything unless you have an issue but if you do, we'll be out to your property in 24 hours for a no-cost service call.