SmartTick Program

Our organic SmartTick program includes seven visits per season in order to dramatically reduce tick populations on your property and reduce the risk of deadly diseases, such as Lyme or Powassan, to you and your family. We begin in the spring to establish a barrier for these infectious insects around the perimeter your property. Each treatment further enforces your perimeter of protection.

Fleas and ticks will weather the winter by harboring in various places around your property. As the weather gets warmer, insect activity increases and the need to strengthen that barrier is paramount. Additional treatments are done approximately 4 weeks apart through the rest of the season to continue to help protect you, your family, and your pets as you enjoy the outdoors. When the weather gets cooler, the need to reinforce this barrier is vital as insect activity will not decrease during this time frame. In fact, we generally see an increase in tick activity in October/November as these pests prepare for winter.

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