SmartShrub Program

Trees and shrubs are an important part of the beauty and character of your home. Expert care and attention is important to ensuring their overall health. We offer an excellent preventative tree and shrub care program to safeguard your landscape so you can enjoy it for years to come. Our goal is to keep the client’s trees and shrubs thriving year after year, all year long.

Each landscape is unique, and we make sure the program caters to it specifically. Our customized, 7-step program consists of deep root feeding, dormant oil treatments, and insect and disease control for ornamental trees and shrubs. Continual attention to trees and shrubs is crucial for their survival and SmartLawn provides the attention to detail plant life needs to thrive.

Tree & Shrub Treatments:

  1. Dormant Oil – Spring - to reduce initial spring insect emergence
  2. Deep Root Fertilizer – Spring - to promote new growth and extended flowering
  3. Insect Control – Early Summer - to control emerging insects and diseases
  4. Insect Control – Summer - to ensure continued control through the dry season
  5. Insect Control – Late Summer - to ensure reduction of pests and diseases through the remainder of the dry season
  6. Deep Root Fertilizer – Fall - to replenish the depleted nutrition as the season embarks into the wet and cool part of the year
  7. Dormant Oil – Fall - to reduce over wintering insects and egg masses

Optional Services

Winter Moth Protection:

This product is applied to all of your trees and shrubs to ensure that no winter moth infestation occurs throughout the winter and spring.

Merit Soil Injection:

This product is injected into your tree’s roots to control any insect activity below the surface.

Fungus Control:

This product is injected to the root system of plantings to control harmful disease components and help prevent inherent fungus issues in horticultural species.

Anti Wilt Proofing:

This product is sprayed on evergreen trees and shrubs to prevent winter wilting. Harsh New England winters and winds will dry out the foliage and leaves of a plant or tree causing damage come springtime

*This is a preventative service. Trees can take years to show damage from infection/infestation. We do not guarantee all will survive.

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