SmartMosquito Program

Did you know mosquitoes kill more humans than any other animal in the world? Not to mention, serious diseases such as the Zika virus, carried by Aedes species mosquitoes, have been linked to paralysis and a number of other neurological conditions as well as crippling birth defects. Prevention is pivotal when it comes to preventing the potentially devastating effects of a mosquito bite, which is why mosquito control services are a must for protecting your home and family.

In addition to being extremely dangerous, though, mosquitoes are really, really annoying. How many times have you had an outdoor soirée that’s been interrupted by the high-pitched whine of mosquitoes? Insect-repelling candles have a limited range, a potent smell, and are only effective while burning.

SmartMosquito offers an organic program that both kills and repels mosquitoes with no aquatic toxicity, meaning its even safe in areas with lakes, ponds or streams, making it safe for use around homes with both children and pets. This treatment is applied around the perimeter of your property and your home every 14 days to ensure that mosquitoes don’t reappear.

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