SmartLawn Program

The SmartLawn program includes seven visits per season. We include all of the following in our program and we tailor each visit according to the current environmental and agronomic conditions of the area as well as your lawn’s needs.

Balanced Slow Release Fertilization

Many of our competitors use fast-release nitrogen to treat lawns - these treatments make them grow rapidly, but are similar to putting the grass on steroids. The surge in growth compromises a lawn’s root system, which is an integral part of healthy turf development.

Our slow release fertilizers break down over an extended period, providing steady, even growth throughout the season and properly developing the root system.

Grub Control

We apply a one-time preventive application that can protect a lawn all season long from pesky grub infestations. This application is 100% guaranteed - any areas that sustain grub damage after this treatment will be repaired free of charge.


The Northeast has acidic soil by nature. Rain and other environmental factors only contribute to the problem. Limestone is essential to correct pH levels allowing better water and nutrient absorption. Lime is typically applied in the fall.

Crabgrass Control and Broadleaf Weed Control

We include crabgrass and broadleaf weed controls in our program - these treatments are applied every season and on every visit if weeds are present. Our customers receive 2 Pre-Emergent treatments for crabgrass in the spring, and we continue to monitor every time we visit the property. Stubborn weeds? Call and we’ll come back out within 24 hours for Free!


Grass needs iron to make chlorophyll, which is necessary for photosynthesis. Iron is included in our program to help the overall health and color of lawns.


We add potassium to our fertilizer to drive your roots deeper. This visit may be applied at or before winter dormancy which will aid in the growing process come spring time.


WaterSaver is a surfactant that breaks the surface tension of the lawn itself - so instead of water rolling off the lawn, it is absorbed into it, helping your lawn act like a sponge for water and nutrients. This helps your lawn during water bans and periods of drought.

SmartEdge –A SmartLawn Exclusive

In the summer months when weeds and crabgrass are growing at a much faster pace, we cover over all the edges of a property with a proactive weed control application to halt infestations in their tracks as well as prevent them before they even occur.

Optional Services

Core Aeration

Over time, a lawn can become compacted and roots are unable to expand as they should. Aerators loosen up the soil, allowing for a more even exchange of nutrients and moisture at the root level and contributing enormously to the overall health of the lawn.


Overseeding is done after aeration has been completed to allow the seeds to fall into the small holes created throughout the lawn. Lawns typically see a 20-30% increase in density after the aeration and overseeding processes, helping to crowd out future weeds and lessening the need for future weed treatments.

Surface Insect Control

This application is designed to treat surface insects within the lawn, which cause most of their damage during hot summer months when a lawn may be dormant.

Fungicide Treatments

Because fungicides can be costly and have a very short residual (2-3 weeks), we prefer to use them on an as-needed basis. Since fungus activity can usually be kept in check post-treatment by practices such as mowing with sharp blades and proper watering, our technicians will also leave specific notes regarding preventive habits that the customer can implement themselves.

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