Our Company

chris-noon-smartlawn.jpgChristopher Noon, CEO

Chris is considered one of the most talented and skilled sales professionals in the Green Industry because of his innovative and patented sales technique he created called “One Step Sales”. Chris, along with his business partner and brother have built and sold two multi-million dollar lawn and landscape companies, the most recent company they sold in 2015 enjoyed revenues of 8 million dollars where he led the sales and marketing departments in growing the company in just 7 years. Chris gained his vast knowledge and skills in sales and marketing by working for one of the world’s largest advertising agencies on Madison Ave in New York City before being persuaded by his brother to partner with him in their business ventures in 2002. He also consults for a variety of home service businesses outside his industry where he teaches his sales and marketing techniques. Chris’ previous companies have earned top spots on Inc. Magazine’s 5000 fastest growing companies list four times. He has been featured on the cover of three National Industry Trade Magazines and has been published dozens of times including the Wall Street Journal and Air and Space Technology Magazine. Each year Chris is invited as a guest speaker to many different industry conventions and seminars to teach and share his innovative sales techniques.

As CEO of Smartlawn, Chris leads the organization in strategic growth through his patented sales and marketing systems. He is an engaged and dedicated leader who is hands on in his methods in growing the Smartlawn brand. He is so passionate about his approach to sales that he even wrote a book about it called “Dialing For Dollars In a Digital World.”

Chris is a graduate of Seton Hall University where he played on their Division One soccer team and is currently studying in the Harvard Business School Owner/President Management Program. Christopher lives in Sudbury, MA with his two daughters Ava and Lyla. When he is not selling and marketing products and services that he loves he enjoys coaching is daughter’s soccer team, travelling and collecting vintage cars.


matt-noon-smartlawn.jpgMatthew Noon, CEO

Matthew has enjoyed a truly remarkable career as an entrepreneur, business leader, inventor, columnist and author. He began a neighborhood lawn service in high school when he was just 17 years old starting out with one lawn mower and an old beat up pick-up truck and built it into a multi-million dollar firm which he sold in 2008. He then went on to create and build a second lawn care company from scratch with his brother Chris which they sold in 2015 to a fortune 500 company. Within 7 years they grew it into one of the largest and fastest growing lawn care companies in the country with revenues of 8 million dollars. Matt earned the New England Collegiate Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2002 and is passionate about creating higher client service standards in the Green Industry. He is a monthly columnist for three of the industry’s largest trade magazines where he also sits on each of their insight counsel boards. His companies have made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing privately owned companies for 4 years in a row. In 2008 his company was voted as the most innovative lawn care companies in North America by Lawn and Landscape Magazine and then in 2012 it was voted as Best Places to Work in the Green Industry by Lawn & Landscape Magazine.

In late 2016 he started his third home service company called Smartlawn and SmartPest which offer scientific lawn care and pest control solutions for residential consumers throughout the country. The Smart Brands are comprised of a dedicated team of Green Industry veterans whom Matt leads by managing their financial and operational strategies. His goal is to build the company into one of the country’s premier brands in the chemical lawn and pest segments of the Green Industry. As CEO of Smartlawn Matt is in charge of strategic planning and development for the company in achieving their vision as a leading home service provider in the country. Matt leads his team in building a company that is dedicated to superior business systems and unmatched customer service.

In his spare time he also coaches collegiate entrepreneurs for the Boston College Entrepreneur’s Society. Matt is a graduate of Boston College and is currently studying in the Harvard Business School Owner/President Management Program.

He lives in Harvard, MA with his wife, Colleen and their two sons, Townsend and Corwin, along with their many cats and dogs. When he is not working Matt enjoys hiking with his dogs, boating at his lake house and travelling in Europe and Asia.


stepahanie-lee-smartlawn.jpgStephanie Lee, President and COO

Stephanie has worked with the Noon brothers for over 10 years since the beginning of their careers assisting them in building both of their previous companies from start to finish. Since her start at the company, Stephanie has inspired many team members with her meteoric rise within the organization. Her no nonsense approach to business and management has enabled her to start as an entry level administrative assistant in the early days all the way to President and COO of Smartlawn today. In 2012, she was awarded CFO of the Year by Boston Business Journal for her innovative approach to finance when building two multi-million dollar companies without any outside investment and limited capital. Stephanie’s unique and creative approach with the Noon’s original financing needs enabled the company to survive during its first couple of years and most challenging times as a young start-up company. Not only did Stephanie help build the accounting and finance departments of the Noon brothers’ previous companies, but she has also played a critical role in the operations as well. In 2013, she was featured in Lawn and Landscape Magazine when they were voted as Best Green Industry Companies to Work for by the trade industry publication.

At Smartlawn, Stephanie is responsible for executing the financial and operational strategy for the company and her tireless work ethic has made her a star within the Green Industry and beyond. Stephanie plays an instrumental role with the leadership team as she oversees all of the operations at Smartlawn’s corporate headquarters ensuring that the company is growing and staying in the black.

Prior to joining the company in 2005, she worked in retail, manufacturing and hospitality where she gained the practical experience she needed in finance and administration. Stephanie has a bachelor’s degree from Becker College and completed the Harvard Business School Executive Program in 2013 and the Wharton Business School finance program in 2015. In her spare time she enjoys competing in high endurance obstacle races such as Spartan and Warrior Dash. Stephanie is also passionate about travelling and has visited countries all over the world. She lives in Grafton, MA with her boyfriend Steve and their two dogs.


matt-cerrone-smartlawn.jpg Matthew Cerrone, Senior Business Analyst

Matt joined SmartLawn’s corporate team in 2013. Matt is responsible for creating and delivering Noon’s key performance indicators and financial metrics for every department at the company. His talent at reading and understanding the numbers enables him to deliver these metrics to SmartLawn’s management team. He works closely Smartlawn’s managers and sales departments on a day to day basis so that they can make management decisions swiftly based on information relative to their department. Matt also helps with department budgeting and financial ratios that managers need to know and understand to be successful in their areas. This position is critical in managing the fast growth of SmartLawn to ensure that the company is productive in every department and profitable as it grows.

Prior to joining the company Matt worked for a large Financial Data Services Company for 9 years where he helped support, enhance, and manage products for mutual fund sponsors, fund custodians, and investment managers. It was there that Matt learned the skills necessary to understand the key drivers of businesses and what made companies successful.

Matt is a 2001 graduate of Boston College’s Carroll School of Management where he earned an accounting degree and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Cum Laude.

When Matt is not analyzing numbers and complex data driven metrics you can find him spending time with his wife and their two children at their home in Massachusetts. He enjoys hiking, running, mountain biking, and camping when he has time for his hobbies.


cindi-dine-smartlawn.jpgCindi Dine, Director of Client Service

Cindi recently joined Smartlawn this year and she has made a seamless and natural transition into the corporate team. Cindi brings with her over 25 years of business experience working in a variety of different management positions specifically for start-up companies in which three of those were brought public. At Smartlawn Cindi is in charge of managing all of the details within the service department, ensuring that there are no missing pieces to the puzzle. Her unique background in working for early stage start-up companies has given her the insight in order to stay one step ahead of the game. Her strong work ethic and results driven mentality has made her an integral part of the Smartlawn team. Cindi has a unique ability to draw upon her wide range of technological experience in regards to administrative systems and organizational development making her a dynamic team member at the company. Her unique ability to multi-task and wear many different hats is credited to her large mental bandwidth as she can rapidly process information and problem solve for Smartlawn’s management team.

Prior to joining Smartlawn Cindi worked for the world’s largest computer company until it was brought public in the late 80’s. Since then she has worked for over 6 start-up companies in their early stages in the high tech, biotech, pharmaceutical and computer industries.

When she is not solving the business world’s most challenging problems Cindi enjoys spending time with her husband David and daughter Jaime as well as playing many different sports, listening to music, dancing and travelling.