How SmartLawn Came To Be

Matt Noon launches his first business in 1997: Matt Noon, a senior in high school, took the plunge into the entrepreneurial world by starting a small neighborhood lawn service to earn tuition money for his upcoming freshman year at Boston College. It had been his dream since he was in grade school to own his own business and he was so eager to start that he “put the cart in front of the horse” as his mother likes to say. Before he even had a business account, lawn care equipment or even a truck he began selling door to door lawn care services in the winter of his senior year in high school. By the end of the winter of 1998 he sold 40 accounts for the upcoming spring season. It then dawned on him that he had no means to service his new list of clients he had accumulated over that first winter in business. Matt quickly went to work pooling his limited resources together to purchase a beat up old pick-up truck and any tools he could borrow or buy on credit to make it happen. To the dismay of Matt’s older brother Chris (who would soon become his business partner) he even filled out a promotional credit card application assuming the identity of his brother that he found in the mail which was offering a $3,000.00 credit limit on it thus allowing him to purchase a commercial lawn mower to get the work done. To this day, Matt never hesitates to remind his older brother that he paid off the credit card that same year and never used it again. And thus Matt’s entrepreneurial adventure began and by his senior year in college he built a $400,000 dollar per year company with six fulltime employees. That same year he won the New England Collegiate Entrepreneur of the Year award.

The Noon Brothers Partner in 2001: In order to complete his college education on time, Matt convinced his brother to partner with him so he could complete his senior thesis in time to graduate from college. After asking Chris persistently for over 6 months to leave his advertising job on Madison Avenue in New York City, Chris finally caught the entrepreneurial bug and joined his brother in business. It was at that time in 2001 that the brothers laid out a formal business plan with Matt’s operational experience in landscaping and Chris’ business experience and degree from Seton Hall University and they began to build a strategic and well operated company. By 2008 the brothers were running a $2.5 million dollar company and enjoying the fruits of their labor. The long 16 hour work days of hard work, dedication and financial risks had finally paid off for the brothers and so one would think this was where the story happily ends. However, while running their business they saw a new opportunity in the organic and chemical lawn and tree care segment of their industry. They saw a need not being met within this segment of the business that required education and state licensing when they heard hundreds of their grumbling clients complain about their poor service and results they received from the large national lawn care companies. This different segment of the Green Industry was one that Matt and Chris were attracted to as they knew with their superior client service they could provide an alternative lawn and tree care service for their hundreds of very frustrated customers.

The Noon brothers Launch Noon Turf Care in 2008: So once again, the brothers pooled their resources together to launch their new venture and at that same time they sold their current company to pursuit their new dream. They named their new company Noon Turf Care where they had a greater vision and passion to provide certified lawn and tree care using a scientific approach. The demand for their new services was beyond their wildest expectations and by 2015 they had built a company with revenues topping $8 million per year with over 80 employees and 8,000 customers. Noon Turf Care achieved a lot as they built a super-regional lawn, tree and pest control company. They were ranked as one of the country’s fastest growing companies 4 years in a row by Inc. Magazine’s 5000 list, they were voted in as the most innovative lawn care companies in the country by Lawn and Landscape Magazine and in 2012 they were voted in as the best Green Industry companies to work for by Lawn and Landscape Magazine. In 2008 and 2012 Noon Turf Care were also the featured cover stories in three different national trade magazines. That same year their CFO was voted as CFO of the year by Boston Business Journal. All of those accomplishments felt good for the brothers but what they truly valued were the people who helped get them there, that being their loyal team members and customers. From day one, Chris and Matt fully realized that in order to build a truly outstanding company, what truly mattered was that their company’s culture embodied ultimate customer satisfaction. They knew that without this, all of those fancy awards and accolades they received meant nothing without the vote of loyalty from their employees and customers.

The Birth of Smartlawn in 2016:Enlightened Lawn Care: The inspiration to start Smartlawn was quite simple. It did not involve any in depth research, elaborate case studies or long customer focus groups. Smartlawn was born out of the 20 years of lawn care experience from brothers Chris and Matt Noon. We simply listened to you, the customer. Yes it was really that simple. What the majority of our customers wanted when we owned and operated Noon Turf Care for 18 years was simple good old fashioned personal customer service, environmentally sensible products that were safe for their family and pets and of course clear communication. Lastly, when we make mistakes we own up to them. When we don’t exceed our customer’s expectations we vow to keep working on your property and to do whatever it takes to make things right. After all, only our customers can be the ones to decide whether or not their needs have been met. In 2015, we took our 20 years of experience with lawns, trees and shrubs and launched a smarter service company that could be built on a national level; Smartlawn. Along with our CFO and longtime employee Stephanie Lee, the brothers launched their new brand to help elevate the Green Industry to bring it to new standard. Our goal is simply to build a great company comprised of highly skilled and trained lawn experts and loyal customers that appreciate our value proposition. Smartlawn is a company 20 years in the making and through building multiple test kitchens and making our fair share of mistakes we are now looking forward to building a national brand that has intrinsic value. Smart, cutting edge service and products that will make your life easier!