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Why​ ​Didn’t​ ​I​ ​Close​ ​that​ ​Sale?​ ​Follow​ ​up​ ​with​ ​Every Sales​ ​Lead​ ​In​ ​order​ ​to​ ​learn​ ​their​ ​Buying​ ​Behavior!


As an entrepreneur and franchisor, I am always emphasizing to my employees and owners the importance of responding to sales leads real-time and with urgency in order to capture that critical period of time when a buyer is in the mood to buy. But what if that doesn’t happen? You get busy, the prospect gets distracted and the moment is lost. If you are anything like me days will pass when you pause for a moment and think to yourself, what happened to that lead? Where did they go? Did they hire someone else? Did they do the work themselves? Did they simply do nothing? The unknown kills me. It is at this very moment that I need to get on the phone and contact that lead to get closure and to put that person in the “sale” category or “not sold” file. For me, not closing a sales lead and getting a firm “I’m not interested in your service” stings, but I would take it any day over not getting a yes or a no from a lead - that in my mind is a true sales sin.

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Smart Selling: Increase your Fall Sales to finish off your Season Strong in 2017!


By: Matthew Noon CEO of SmartLawn Franchise and Director of Greenlight Consulting

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Responding to and Qualifying Sales Leads


Owning and managing a successful landscape business involves many different moving parts. Managing all of these parts can be very overwhelming at times. I can clearly remember the early days of starting my first business when, after working over 14 hours, I would return home and then remember all of the sales leads I had neglected to call back. I was so busy just trying to put fires out and manage the day-to-day business that I was forgetting to do my most important job at my company: tracking and closing new business. After all, what kind of a message are you sending to new sales leads if you are not taking their calls live to schedule an estimate - or at the very least calling them back immediately after they leave you a message? All of that hard work we spend generating quality referrals and money spent on marketing is down the toilet if we aren’t on those leads in real time. Going a step further, responding quickly and effectively to the right leads is even more important. Here are a few tips that serve more as reminders as to what action we need to be taking around sales leads versus already knowing what to do. After all, knowing what to do is a lot different than walking through it.


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Adding Fertilization Services to your Landscape Company's Service Offering


One of the things I’m most passionate about is the Green Industry. I love most of every segment of the industry and at this point I can see the pros and cons of most of those segments from a business standpoint. I have worked in the industry since my first job at the age of 16 when I started working for a company on their mowing crew. I was trained on this job as a string trimmer crew member; I guess everyone needs to start somewhere.

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Lawn Care Business Resources


Starting any small business can be daunting. Still, if you have a passion for being an entrepreneur and a job well done, launching a lawn care franchise could be the answer. If you’re asking “How can I start a lawn care business?”, know that lawn care business resources are available.

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How to Grow a Lawn Care Business


Lawn care business owners need to know a great deal about seeding and fertilizing. Yet growing a healthy lawn care business takes more than lawn and landscape know-how.

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Summer Pest Control Tips


Summer pest control and lawn care can be challenging for home and business owners. The desire to enjoy a lush, green lawn can be offset by hot, dry weather and pests determined to render outside time unpleasant.

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How to Fight Mosquito-Borne Diseases This Summer


Mosquitoes have long been pesky irritants at picnics or evening sporting events. They become more dangerous, though, when we consider the growing threat of mosquito-borne diseases.

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Watering your Lawn in Drought Conditions


Outdoor water use is fast becoming an issue in Massachusetts. As the heat settles in, the region is experiencing the after effects of a dry fall, less snowfall than usual, and a rainfall deficit too. Some cities and towns have even started imposing restrictions regarding lawn watering.

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